Combato Champ Post

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Combato Champ Post As martial arts is a form of sports that requires quick reflexes and a high level of cognitive control




Protein Blend (Whey Protein Concentrate, Whey 
Protein Isolate, Milk Solids, Whey Powder), 
Cocoa Powder, 
Almond Powder, Ashwagandha Extract, Brahmi Extract Digestive 
Enzyme Blend (Protease , Amylase, Lipase, Cellulase, Lactase), 
Thickener (INS 415), Emulsifier (INS 322), Sweetener (INS 955, INS 
As martial arts is a form of sports that requires quick reflexes 
and a high level of cognitive control, it is as draining mentally 
as it is physically. One not only needs to put in long hours of 
training, but also high levels of endurance and stamina. The 
special ingredients of Combato Champs help relax muscles, 
provide instant energy and help the body recover faster over 
exhaustive session of physical workout. It helps replenish the 
salts and minerals lost by the body during rigorous training 
schedules and long hours in a bout. It also works specifically 
on high intensity target areas to ensure full muscle recovery 
and thus enhance efficiency and performance.
• Growing Player need special attention with their nutrition, as their body is 
going through many changes and they needs extra care and correct Nutrition to 
support these changes.
• Protein which is a building block of cells, carbohydrates which are the fuel to 
body, are game changers once taken in a supervised diet plan
• Indian Diet is not rich in protein, thus Player face issues such as lethargy, 
boredom, weakness, and more importantly lack of protein also results in 
improper growth and developments of Player
• Player who have an active metabolism and are engaged in sports and physical 
activities need an extra boost to their diets, as home food does not meet the 
complete requirements
• Player do not understand the importance of nutrition themselves and thus 
skip meals or do not eat appropriately as a result they tend to become weak 
and are deficient of essential macro nutrients.
• Combato Champ Protein Powder is exclusively engineered for Player. This 
product completes the nutrition and fuels the body with Nutrition with which 
Player grow stronger, more active and more confident
• Combato Champ has 4 sources of proteins which gives the complete profile of 
amino acids to your Player body which works wonderfully in the repair and 
maintenance of exhausted body and muscles.
• Combato Champ has a been added with digestive enzymes which not only helps in better digestion, but 
also instant absorption of protein and complex carbohydrates in body
• Combato champ is also powered up with Magical Ayurvedic herbs which are well studied by ancient 
indian yogis and rishis
• Brahmi in Combato Champ boosts the mental development and enhances focus and increases 
concentration level
• Ashwagandha in Combato Champ is a powerful herb which maintains good recovery and improves 
• Almonds in Combato Champ are a good source of healthy fatty acids which keeps the mind sharp, and 
also provides essential vitamins and minerals
• Goodness of Protein and Wellness of Ayurvedic Herbs is well packed in every serving of Combato 
Champ Post Workout in a delicious Chocolate Milk Shake flavor

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Nangloi, west, Delhi- 110041

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